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Friday, May 12, 2006

Adam Nagourney (and assorted idiots)

In a recent NYT article, Adam Nagourney successfully reads and deciphers the left hand column of the most recent NYT poll, giving us the following:

The political situation has not helped some of the more prominent members of the Democratic Party. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, who was Mr. Bush's opponent in 2004, had a lower approval rating than Mr. Bush: 26 percent, down from 40 percent in a poll conducted right after the election.

And just 28 percent said they had a favorable view of Al Gore, one of Mr. Bush's more vocal critics.

Move over one column to the right, Mr. Nagourney, and try again. Better yet, how about an analysis of all the data?

Of course, columnists and fake MSNBC TV cowboys regurgitate on cue. As do right wing idiots extraordinaire Brit Hume and Mark Alexander, who went so far as to preface the Kerry/Gore comment with "To be fair..."

Is telling one fifth of the story better than not telling it at all? Apparently, if you're either a right wing hack, a snarky self-important columnist with little use for facts or a lazy reporter with a deadline.

Here are the real numbers.

Bush Approval 29 Disapproval 55 Total Undecided* 17
Cheney Approval 20 Disapproval 49 Total Undecided 31
H Clinton Approval 34 Disapproval 35 Total Undecided 33
McCain Approval 31 Disapproval 15 Total Undecided 54
Kerry Approval 26 Disapproval 38 Total Undecided 35
Gore Approval 28 Disapproval 39 Total Undecided 33

*'Undecided' includes 'undecided', 'haven't heard enough' and 'refused'.

A 30-something percent disapproval is expected for each of the three Dems, given the Republican base and that each is a potential 2008 hopeful with his or her own supporters. What I don't understand is McCain's 'undecideds'. I could tell you a few stories that might get that disapproval rating up into the Bush/Cheney range, but that's for another post.

Perhaps if the media actually reported what John Kerry and Al Gore are saying and doing beyond calling them 'critics' and 'opponents', the undecideds might move some numbers to the first column.

Where Nagourney can read them.

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