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Monday, June 19, 2006

Heroes of the Middle Class

Which United States Senators vote in your best interest?
The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy has reported the results of Congress at midterm. And what does the report card say about Senators who voted for the middle class of America in 2005?
On the issues that matter most to the majority of us, Senate Democrats garnered 4 'A's, 3 'C's and a 'D', while Senate Republicans managed a completely consistent failing grade. 'F's across the board.

So, who in the Senate stands for YOU, the middle class of America?

Valedictorians are listed below:

Boxer 100%
Kennedy 100%
Kerry 100%
Sarbanes 100%
Corzine 100%
Lautenberg 100%
Clinton 100%
Leahy 100%
Feingold 100%

Details at drummajorinstitute.com

it's surprising b/c dmi is not asking that much from congressmembers: be fair to small businesses, curb over-the-top debt-producing spending, and don't allow those who are most financially vulnerable to be further abused by banks (among others).

you can google search for any congressmember and see their score pop up in the sidebar...a possible step toward letting those in office know that someone's keeping tabs on them.
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