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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bush has failed.

I know that's more than obvious to most of us, but today was such a clear reminder of Bush's total and complete failure, it just has to be repeated until everyone understands.
Five years since 9-11, and still bush hasn't made us safer. He hasn't captured bin Laden, he's wasted billions of our tax dollars on his debacle in Iraq, and if it weren't for the Brits, we'd have nine planes blown up over the Atlantic for the fifth anniversary of the attack.
Bush has failed.
He didn't react to the warnings pre-911. He lied us into a disasterous war in the Middle East that has made us less safe. He fiddled as New Orleans drowned, the first president in history to vacation as a major US city was destroyed.
And where was Mr. Bush today, when he knew the country would be presented with the latest terror attack?
Vacation. Again.
Oh, he took a few minutes to pose for the cameras and attempt to pronounce fas-cists. Isn't it a little odd that he's never around in times of crisis? It's as though he stole that nice big house in DC for nothing. He's never there.
Truly, the incompetence is startling. Incomprehensible. Almost. But it's true.
Terrorism, Mr. Bush, is a crime. And the secret to containing it is sustained diplomatic efforts, law enforcement and effective intelligence. Exctly as Sen Kerry has been telling us for years.
The Iraq war has done NOTHING to reduce the risk posed by terrorists. There was no chance that it would. To terrorists, Bush's war is not a deterrent, it's a rallying cry. But Bush doesn't see it. He thinks he can 'win' a war on terror by bombing countries and confiscating my hair gel. He thinks that by killing people, the terrorists will give up and disappear.
He's failed. Totally, miserably and unquestionably.
Is there any doubt that Americans are MORE fearful of terror now than in 2001? Is there any doubt that the war in Iraq is complete and utter failure, and is only fueling anti-American sentiment and rallying terrorists?
Americans are reduced to abandoning liberty to fear. George Bush and his supporters and the compliant media are fueling the hysteria.

Obviously, Bush has failed.

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