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Friday, August 11, 2006

Cal Thomas, Unraveled.

Cal Thomas, in an editorial that equates Democratic voters with a terrorist organization (Taliban Democrats are Voting to 'Kill' Their Own), has decided what's best for Connecticut Democratic primary voters, calling Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont's supporters the party's 'kook fringe'.
Just a few problems with Mr Thomas' characterization.
First, Mr. Thomas makes an assumption that the Iraq war is an effective response to terrorism. In fact, it is the opposite. The fact is that Bush has us bogged down in an ill planned war based on lies and misdirection that has made us less safe at home and less respected in the world. Bush's war has not reduced anti-American sentiment, it's fueled it. It has not reduced the risk of terrorism, it's inflamed it. It has limited our freedoms and stripped us of our rights.
As to the 'kook fringe' voters of Connecticut, 'fringe' is defined by Webster's as the 'peripheral' or 'extreme'.
The fact is that a recent AP-Ipsos poll has shown only 33 percent of Americans approve of Bush's handling of the Iraq war. Despite this fact, somehow 52%, or 146,587 Connecticut Democratic primary voters are labeled the 'kook fringe' by Mr. Thomas because they voted for Ned Lamont based in large part on his opposition to Bush and his handling of the Iraq war.
Now, how can that be? Most of America opposes Bush's policies. His approval rating is 33%. Yet somehow, we're the 'extreme' of the Democratic party.
Isn't Bush's 33% a bit more fringe-y than Lamont's 52?

I read the column before I read this blog. His point on Joe and the Dems is that the Dems were rejecting Joe because he was not in lockstep with what is now the party's politcal stance on the war. Taliban was an analogy illustrating that single (or narrow mindness in Thomas' thinking. Having read the actual column I noticed that the response has more to do with Bush than what the writer was actually writing. Liberal emotion vs. thought once again. It's not what he said or does that's important but how it makes me feel.
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