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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Freedom's Fire, Brightly Burning

Well I've been playing with blogging on other sites for awhile now and it's time for me to set up my own.

Why "Freedom's Fire, Brightly Burning"? I guess I just have a thing for really long blog names. Seriously, the purpose of this blog is for me to post about issues of the day and the positive steps brave folk are taking to keep hope alive in America. Phrases like "Keeping America's Promise" and "One America" are already taken, and "keep hope alive", well, just doesn't do it for me as a blog title. So I had to come up with something different. Something that speaks to me (even if it makes no sense to anyone else).

If there is one core value that America stands for, it is freedom.

It occurred to me (as it has to others) that freedom is like a fire; giving warmth and light, yet ever in danger of being extinguished if not tended carefully.

I intend this blog to focus on the work of the tenders, those whose aim is to keep the fire of freedom burning. We'll also have to report the context, the efforts of those who would extinguish the flame. But by their works you will know them - the tenders and the destroyers. And as we share our knowledge we will be empowered to contribute our own acts, our own efforts to keep the fire burning ever more brightly.

Yeah. Freedom's fire, brightly burning. Kind of has a ring to it. I think I like it. I hope you will, too.

Congratulations on your startup and best wishes for the future!
Hi Bob,

Good to see you here...hopefully I can keep it interesting.

I'm here and with you!

Interesting name. What's behind it?

Onward, forward, and upward!
Hi Teresa!

I'll probably add some enlightenment about "Rustica" to the sidebar, soon. Briefly, it comes from "Rusticus" who was a pamphleteer before the American Revolution, as described by Thom Hartmann.

I'm not settled on it though. I'm considering some alternatives; I'm not sure I like the sound of it, although I love the idea of it.

I can't use the real one, because currently my paycheck is dependent on another's whim, and I really don't want to feel constrained in my writing here. And 'MH' just seems too boring to me.

What do you think - do you like Rustica? Or should I stick with MH?

(I can be sooooo indecisive at times...)
I know what you mean about decisions, exactly. I always give things a lot of time.

I like MH very much, and the Rustica sybolism is really good. I never knew about him . It's obscure and pertinent as we spread the word in this new way in the blogosphere.

Why don't you leave it as is for now and see how it plays? Both identities.

Or... if you want to experiment, you can use me. I always have an opinion.

Thanks, I may try a couple out on you.

I'm going to think over the weekend on it though. I'll be out of town with some friends and perspective may help settle the matter.


(how come blogger doesn't have smilies?)
Eh, never mind.... you all have gotten to know me as MH, so that's what it'll be for now... there's too much real work to do to worry about it.

Now if only I could come up with something REALLY cool, like "MeteorBlades"!
mh it is!
Hi! I just now noticed your new blog, thanks to the link in your comment over at LUTD. Congrats! I've always liked your comments, and I'm glad there's a spot where I'll be able to read your thoughts at more length. You may also inspire me to finally get organized and start my own blog too -- I've been meaning to do it for months, so surely any day now I'll find the time (if I could just give up that pesky habit of sleeping). If this keeps up, eventually we'll have a whole webring of blogs for reasonable people who like to think things through more than rant (a.k.a. Kerry supporters *BG*).

BTW, I think MH is a memorable enough name, or at least, I've gotten used to it. :)
Hi N.D.!!!

Good to see you here. I hope I can live up to expectations. And yeah, lately I've pretty much given up that pesky habit of sleeping myself.

FWIW, with Blogger it is really easy to set up a basic blog, especially if you know basic html to tweak the templates just a little. I set this one up really fast, after a rather strong post by Ron about how instead of posting at places like dkos we should have our own blogs. And I don't mean to sound like I felt yelled at either - I'd say he worded it just right. Anyway I said "what the hell, why not" and luckily I already had a name in mind; so here I am! Yay Ron!
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