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Monday, October 24, 2005

What Matters Most, part 1.

As part of a project for my local progressive/Democratic book club, I've started this list of "progressive priorities" - my wish list, I guess, the issues that I think represent the foundational values of the Democratic Party, and are What Matters Most to our democracy.

I haven't finished the list, but since I was inspired to post these in a response to another blog, I thought I should at least post the outline here and see what thoughts others might have on these ideas.

So here goes. Part 1, What Matters Most:

  1. Trustworthy Elections:

    • Accurate Count
    • Voting Made Simple
    • Equal Voting Opportunity

  2. Transparency in Government:

    • Information to the People
    • Simplicity in Legislation
    • ...

Details to follow.

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The Bush Administration's
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