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Monday, October 24, 2005

What Matters Most, part 1.

As part of a project for my local progressive/Democratic book club, I've started this list of "progressive priorities" - my wish list, I guess, the issues that I think represent the foundational values of the Democratic Party, and are What Matters Most to our democracy.

I haven't finished the list, but since I was inspired to post these in a response to another blog, I thought I should at least post the outline here and see what thoughts others might have on these ideas.

So here goes. Part 1, What Matters Most:

  1. Trustworthy Elections:

    • Accurate Count
    • Voting Made Simple
    • Equal Voting Opportunity

  2. Transparency in Government:

    • Information to the People
    • Simplicity in Legislation
    • ...

Details to follow.

It's really not that hard. Unfortunately we haven't had a fair election since Rove and Bush have been in office.

I appreciate your comment. It shouldn't be that hard - if everyone approached the electoral process with the sanctity it deserves.

Unfortunately, electoral fraud has a long and ugly history, ever since elections were invented. I bet the only election where someone didn't try to cheat was the first one - the thought hadn't occurred to anyone yet.

But Rove and Bush have driven the depravity of electoral fraud to new depths. Hopefully at least one of them will be out of a job soon.
MH, good to see you back!
Hi Todd,

As you can see, I am still only back sporadically. :-( Once I get done this last term of college though I should be a little better at keeping up. I hope. Thanks for hanging in there. :-)
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