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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Meteor Blades: "Congress Prepares to Pulverize 70 Years of New Deal Protections"

I had meant to post about the latest looting of the Treasury giveaway to the energy industry known as the "Energy Bill" about to come out of conference committee, but Meteor Blades at Booman Tribune is about 100 times the writer I'll ever be:

Congress Prepares to Pulverize 70 Years of New Deal Protections

by Meteor Blades
Wed Jul 27th, 2005 at 04:57:03 PM EDT
By Meteor Blades

[Cross-posted at The Next Hurrah].

Montana, that spark of Democratic hope, offers a teensy bit of that scarce stuff on the energy regulation front. But, first, an introduction.

It's taken Dick Cheney and his cronies four years to get an oligarch-friendly, environment-savaging energy bill through the House and Senate. Short of a revolt by the rank and file of Congress, however, that legislation will finally be plunked onto the President's desk before he heads out to pretend through another August that he's a Crawford rancher.

The only thing that makes this putrescent pandering to petroleum interests less awful than the likely confirmation of John Roberts Jr. to the Supreme Court is that the Democrats can override today's energy legislation with their own if they're ever in the White House and congressional majority again. Roberts, on the other hand, we'll be stuck with past my 90th birthday.

While some of the details of this 1300-page bill have changed since I first wrote about it here and here nearly two years ago, it's mostly the same old pork pile. Sure, anyone can find something to like in this bill. That's the idea. Stack the bacon so high everybody gets a taste. Too few Democrats dare say no.

"putrescent pandering to petroleum interests"....beautifully precise prose, isn't it?

To read the rest, visit Booman.

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