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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fox News: Lying or incompetence?

So, Fox News is at it again. I know you'll be as "shocked! shocked, I tell you!" as I am.

This morning I realized I had probably missed John Kerry's interview with Chris Wallace, but I flipped on Fox News just in case. Well, I had missed the interview, but the folks on the news program (11-11:30 EST) decided to include a little bit about the interview.

Here's the thing, in that brief snippet, the Fox reporters kept referring to Kerry's "joke about the troops." Again: "joke about the troops." Even worse, at at least one point the reporter said "Kerry said...about his ... joke about the troops." (I also thought I saw a gleam of delight in the reporter's face just before she said this.)

Wait a second here. Please go back to the transcript of the interview, and everything Kerry has ever said about this incident. At no time ever has Kerry said that the joke was about anybody but Bush. So to imply that he referred to it as being about the troops....would that be lyng, or incompetence, by Fox News?

I report. You decide.


Thanks for your comments and your blog. Senator Kerry never mentioned "troops". If the Republicans believe he was referring to troops when talking about being "stuck in Iraq", we must assume that those same Republicans believe that our soldiers are indeed stuck there (as it turns out to be in fact.)

It will take more than another swift boat attack to take down the Senator. He is now the darkest of dark horses but the race for 2008 is early. He is free to speek his mind and offer the wisdom that we are accustomed to hear.

It is unfortunate that America and the Democratic Party chose to run from Kerry when he was mauled by the Rove machine.

Karl Rove would never had advised that strategy. Recall what Rush Limbaugh did to Michael J. Fox as Limbaugh, carrying water for the Republicans, attacked a great American suffering with a horrible neurologic disease. Bush went to be on Rush's show the very next week!

But Kerry is a good soldier and a loyal American. He put the political aspirations of the candidates he supported above his own future political career. When asked to be silent he went along, probably damaging his own prospects so that others would be successful.

Keep on fighting the good fight for Senator Kerry! America needs his tenacity in the White House now more than ever before.

Robert Freedland
John Kerry for President 2008
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