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Monday, April 23, 2007

Women's Health and the Environment Conference - Recap

I'm back home after attending the Women's Health and the Environment Conference in Pittsburgh on Friday (Apr 20) and then taking advantage of the great weather to visit with family in West Virginia.

The conference was excellent - I quasi-live-blogged it at The Democratic Daily (quasi because my own laptop isn't aircard-enabled so I had to bum keyboard time from someone who was), and several other folks live blogged as well. And of course there is the ongoing blog tour with Teresa answering bloggers' questions about the conference topics.

Speaking of the blog tour, this blog will be the final stop on the tour, on April 30. Although I am planning to use that post to sum up takeaways, key website links, and so forth from the conference and the blog tour, I thought I would take a moment now to list the relevant links for those who missed them on conference day and want to catch up.

Most importantly - the conference website notes:

For those individuals who wanted to attend but didn’t register in time, check back on April 29, 2007 to view speaker videos or download podcasts.

The presentations were all good, and some were absolutely fabulous. Standouts include Tyrone Hayes, Fran Drescher, and Herbert Needleman - but you'll enjoy the others, too, so if you have time, just watch them all!

At the conference, attendees received a "toolkit" that includes lots of information about how we can individually and together take action to safeguard our health from toxins in the environment. The materials in this toolkit are now available online, along with many other resources, and you can sign up to receive a newsletter.

While you're waiting for the podcasts and videos to be made available at the conference website on April 29, you can get the flavor of the proceedings, plus lots of great links to informative sites that were mentioned, by skimming the live blog threads:

Finally, don't miss Teresa Heinz Kerry responding to bloggers' questions on her Blog Tour (full schedule here). We are about halfway through the tour - catch the latest excellent post can be found at The Unofficial Kerry Blog, and later today there should be a post up at Culture Kitchen.

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