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Monday, May 30, 2005

What part of "judicial" don't they understand?

In yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer (which I finally finished reading this morning) I saw once again the reference to the rejected cloture of Bolton characterized as "[running] counter to the spirit of the agreement reached by a 14-member bipartisan group earlier in the week for Democrats to limit the filibuster in voting on judicial nominees." Phila. Inquirer, 5/29/05, C2; emphasis mine.

I've been hearing this over and over in the MSM, and I'm starting to think it's not just sloppy journalism. How stupid would someone have to be, to honestly conflate an appointment for a diplomatic position, with an agreement of understanding related to judicial appointments? [Note I do not call Bolton's nomination a "diplomatic appointment" - it clearly is anything but; it is a signal to the world that Bu$hCorp intends to further eschew actual diplomacy in favor of more bullying.]

We should be writing LTE's to media outlets that make this "mistake", at least to let them know we're paying attention even if they aren't.

Thanks for staying on this MH. It is very important.

How do we know Bush lied about the intelligence? Because he's promoting John Bolton, a proven purveyor of intelligence lies, that's why.
They are beyond comprehension in stupidity and the belief that we are fools. Not too many care enough to catch them at their games so they continue. It's embarrassing.

You're right again in letting them know that someopne is paying attention out here. I admire your motivation, MH. And your controlled anger. It's refreshing.
Shoot, that last post was me!
Sandy and Teresa,

Thanks for stopping by!

Controlled anger: I try to look for productive things to do to respond to these issues that anger me. Otherwise the only result of my anger is my own raised blood pressure, which isn't really helpful to anyone ;-)
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