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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Senator Kerry's been busy this week.

Just a few snippets captured in blogworld:

Monday: Released this statement from Small Business Committee, of which he is Ranking Member: Kerry Joins Bipartisan Coalition Fighting to Stop SBA from Gutting Rural Small Business Loans. -- Hat tip to Pamela at LUTD.

Tuesday: Email to Boston Phoenix declaring
"Senator Kerry believes every American deserves a thorough explanation of the Downing Street memo....John Kerry will demand answers in the Senate. Stay tuned."

Read the entire article: THE SMOKING GUN? Kerry, Bush, and the Downing Street memo. -- Hat tip to Ron at LUTD.

Wednesday: Strong appearance at Sub-committee hearing on Manufacturing Competitiveness
Video of hearing - note the hearing doesn't actually start until about 15:00 into the clip; and Sen. Kerry doesn't start until 46:15. - hat tip to this thread at DU.
Senator Kerry is the ranking member on this sub-committee (Technology, Innovation, and Competitiveness).

Also Wednesday: Letters urging U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to issue an economic injury disaster declaration for Massachusetts fishermen and their families who have been affected by the closure of shellfish beds due to red tide. One to Mitt Romney, asking for his support; and one to the Administrator of the SBA asking for the declaration. (Thanks to "Mass" at DU).

An email to supporters announcing a new ad for the Kids First Act. It's a great ad - go take a look! You can also look at the Thomas record for the bill, which is S.114.

And of course he voted "no" on Janice R. Brown (judicial nominee for D.C. circuit court).

Note, these are only the items I stumbled across in reading the blogs. Anyone wants to know where Kerry's been, the answer is - doing his job for his constituents. The DSM move will happen in due time. Patience, grasshopper...

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