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Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Fighter to the Core

Your "awww" moment of the day.

From Washington Whispers at USNews.com:
Six Months Later, Good Medical News

Who didn't gasp last November when Elizabeth Edwards , energetic mother of three and wife of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards , capped the 2004 race by revealing she had breast cancer? Well, half a year later, we've got news to report: The treatment is over, and her doctors feel hopeful about the future.
"She feels great," says spokeswoman Kim Rubey , "and her doctors are optimistic. It's all very positive."
...despite the treatment and loss of hair, now growing back, "she's been in great spirits," Rubey tells us, "through the whole process."

It's a good thing. Work beckons. The Edwardses are selling their Georgetown mansion--price $6.5 million--and moving home to North Carolina to build a new house. And don't forget: maybe a presidential race in 2008.

Edwards's speedy recovery has cheered many she knows, not the least of whom is Sen. John Kerry . "She's a courageous soul," says Kerry, "and a fighter to the core."

From everything I saw in the campaign and since, I couldn't agree more.

Best wishes to Elizabeth for a complete recovery, continued positive energy, and for her and her family, success and happiness in their new home.

Wonderful news. Thanks for posting it! I'm a big Elizabeth Edwards fan. Thrilled to hear it.
Yeah...it choked me up a little when I ran across it. Espec with all the media bs trying to find friction between JE and JK, it's good to see something just nice for a change, and with the good news that she is doing so well.
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