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Friday, August 12, 2005

Cleland on Kerry 2008: "There's a lot of support...

...and we'll get it right this time."

In Roger Friedman's review of the release of Miramax's "The Great Raid" - at Fox News! - there's this little nugget (emphasis mine):
Last night Miramax — or what's left of it — gave "The Great Raid" a premiere on the USS Intrepid, docked off Manhattan's West Side.

Former U.S. senator from Georgia Max Cleland, a real American hero, was the guest of honor. He spoke eloquently from his wheelchair after telling me that he would back Sen. John Kerry in another run for the presidency in 2008.

"There's a lot of support for Kerry, and we'll get it right this time," he said.

Hmmm...someone from Fox News calls Max Cleland "a real American hero" and then quotes his positive statement about John Kerry, in full and with no snarky side comments? Did I fall down the rabbit hole? Or is someone going to lose their job over there?

Okay, it was the entertainment section after all. Still..it's very, very nice to see.

Great catch on this story. Being a resident of Cleland's state, you'd think the Georgia media would be better about covering him and I'd hear more about what's up. But then, the voters of this state dumped him for a draft-dodging Republican moron, so I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise.

Anyway, glad you're back...keep up the good work!
Hi Todd!

Didn't know you live in Georgia... heh... it's kind of like we have a spy behind enemy lines ;-)

So what's the mood down there? Are they still lovin' their fake cowboy or are they starting to wonder about him?
Hi MH,

I think some people are definitely starting to question things. The main rag Atlanta Constitution does seem to reflect more anti-Bush sentiment these days in its letters section. Kerry did bette than Gore in '00. And there are some interesting possibilities for next year's Governor's race here. The Dems may nominate the first woman ever (our current Sec. of State Cathy Cox) in Georgia to run for guv against our incumbent. So there's hope.

But overall? This is one of the "reddest" states imaginable. You've got some blue islands, like the city of Atlanta, Athens, Savannah. But overall, the state is as red as its necks ;>
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