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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

NOW I'm back.

First off, my apologies to any loyal readers I have remaining. Without wasting your time with a lot of b.s. excuses, let me just say, I am so happy it's OVER. Grad school, that is. For a little while, anyway.

Yes, soon I will be getting a pretty piece of paper in the mail that represents beaucoup dollars and hours and sweat and tears (luckily no blood, at least not that I can remember, unless you count paper cuts).

The last course almost did me in. Well, to be fair, I've been distracted a bit lately, and found it hard to stay focused. It really wasn't the professor's fault. Regardless, I apparently learned what I was supposed to, and now I can start spending more time doing serious blogging and not just the hit and run posts I've been doing at other blogs and forums for the last couple months.

Besides the massive relief of no more term papers and final projects, I just experienced another big event that was incredibly motivating. More on that in the next post. Which will be coming by the end of today, I promise.

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