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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some "filibuster inspiration" for our Democratic Champions

GV has put together a really nice video for us at Neptune.com. It's a tribute to those who have stepped up in the last few days to defend democracy here at home:

Filibuster Inspiration
(no login required - click "Enter as guest". But, sigh, Internet Explorer is required. Ah well. The video is worth it, I can tell you.)

And no, it's not over the top to say that calling for filibuster of Samuel Alito is "defending democracy." The more I learn about his extremist views, and his history as a judicial activist - an activist against the rights of individuals, an activist promoting granting more power to the already-powerful, the more I realize that we must fight this nomination with everything we can muster.

Our champions in this fight knew it would be an uphill battle, yet they are standing and fighting for us anyway. Should we fail to block the nomination, we still win - at least our voices will have been heard by a few more people, and a little more debate will have been raised. And perhaps - perhaps - the American people will pay more attention, sooner, on the next nominee.

We should all thank Senators Kerry, Kennedy, and the others who have agreed to join this battle, for taking up the cause of right even though the odds are long. This is what democracy is all about, and they are truly defending our democracy.

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