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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Welcome new bloggers!!

Well okay, I'm about ten days late on this. Lame excuses coming up. But first, let me thank my three friends who are going to be joining me on this blog: GV, Diane, and Tay. We all post in various other spots in the blogosphere (part of the reason for some of the gaps in posting here), and we basically met at Democratic Underground. Although I knew Diane from another blog first, come to think of it, and I think I saw GV once in awhile, a long time ago, at that orangish-colored site that is the scourge of the liberal blogosphere (we all have erred in our youth).

We also shared the experience of having a beer with John Kerry. (Woo-hoo! Yowza!! Okay. Calm now.) Just the fact that we ended up in that place at that time was an indicator of some shared core values, so it's natural for us to team up on this blog. Of course we haven't set a schedule or anything, so we may all post on the same day one week and then go two weeks without any of us posting. Thems the breaks.

Okay I promised lame excuses, so here they are. Really this is "what I've been up to." Well for Democratic Party activists, which I am when I get my act together, 2006 is shaping up to be a barn burner of a year. Particularly in my neck of the woods, where we have one of the headliner Senate races (Casey to evict Santorum, yay), an interesting US House race, and a few other things going on as well. And my township is red turning to blue and the local party is just starting to find enough people to actually do anything. So I am election inspector and committeeperson for my precinct. Not to mention being webmaster of the Township Committee site which frankly, I update less often than I've been blogging here. (It has a "contact" link. It's better than nothing.) Well, now that I'm finished school, I just joined a Casey grassroots team, and I promised to set up a knowledge base for them. Then the county asked me to also head up a Voting Rights Task Force (which also needs a knowledge base, believe me). And oh yeah, would I mind taking over as webmaster for the county site?

So you get the idea. I'm glad GV, Diane, and Tay have decided to help with the blog from time to time. Looks like we'll need them. And I think it will be nice to have a few different voices in the mix here.

So, welcome GV, Diane, and Tay! Please post some more soon. :-)

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