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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stevens defeated on ANWR, Frist wins(?) on pharma immunity

Senators Kerry, Cantwell, and others kicked ass today in the Senate. I can't post in detail tonight, but the ANWR drilling provision was removed from the Defense Appropriations Act (H.R. 2863) conference report (note this was not an amendment, but a concurring resolution - listed on Thomas as "S. Con. Res. 74; A concurrent resolution correcting the enrollment of H.R. 2863.") Roll call vote here. Roll call for failed cloture vote here.

However I saw nothing about what this resolution did or did not do about the pharma immunity from lawsuit provision, or the LIHEAP provision (which I'm fuzzy on anyway as to what it did and why it was in this bill).

It doesn't seem to me that either pharma immunity or LIHEAP belong in the Defense Appropriations Bill; so even though I'm probably in favor of the LIHEAP provision, I wouldn't be upset if both (all) non-germane items had been dropped along with ANWR drilling. But I'm willing to bet Frist got his pharma immunity.

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