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Friday, April 07, 2006

PA-07: Admiral Joe vs. Moonie Curt

(Cross-posted at Democratic Underground.)

A couple days ago, Curt Weldon (Wacko-PA07) made a crass attack on his Dem opponent, retired Vice Admiral Joe Sestak. Curt presumed to select the best hospital for Joe's cancer-afflicted daughter, suggesting that there was something wrong with Joe choosing one outside the states of PA or DE (why DE, anyway?); never mind that Joe had not yet retired at the time. Nice one, Curt. Way to exploit not only a child, but also a poignant family situation that Joe Sestak has handled with grace and optimism.

DavidNYC "swings" into the fray at Swing State Project with an excellent post reminding us about some of Curt Weldon's weirder history...

When I got an e-mail yesterday from Admiral Joe Sestak's campaign about Curt Weldon's depraved attack on Sestak's four-year-old, cancer-stricken daughter, I wanted to throw things. What kind of disturbed, twisted nutbag could stoop so low? Well, as community member Predictor reminds us in the comments, this kind of nutbag:

Weldon spoke at the coronation of Sun Myung Moon "as humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent", on March 23, 2004. His office originally vehemently denied his attendance, then when he was revealed to be a co-chair organizer of the event claimed that he had intended to attend but could not because of a scheduling conflict; then when a photo surfaced of him speaking at the event while standing next to a lifesize photo of him pinning a Unification Church medal on Moammar Al Qadhafi, stated that he had left immediately after the speech and had no knowledge of what else went on.

That whole Moon coronation thing seriously, seriously creeped me out. I mean, it was really beyond insane. Get this:

(go here for the rest, and links...)

This would be entertaining except that some of us are, sigh, "represented" by this "nutbag." You can help us get rid of him - find out more about Joe Sestak at www.sestakforcongress.com .

In case you're wondering about Joe Sestak's chances against an entrenched incumbent (even a nutty one), there's this:

Sestak, Weldon put fund-raising into high gear
The challenger needed a fast start to show he is viable. The incumbent has more in the bank.

By Tom Infield and Thomas Fitzgerald
Inquirer Staff Writers

Republican U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon and his Democratic opponent, Joe Sestak, appear to be off to a lightning start in their race for campaign cash.

Sestak, trying to demonstrate that he's a serious contender to dislodge Weldon from a seat he has held for two decades, said yesterday that he had raised $420,000 in just under two months as a candidate.

Not bad, not bad at all. I've met Joe - full disclosure, I do volunteer with the campaign; not paid though, sigh - and I have great hope that he will go all the way. It will be nice to be represented by a Democrat for a change. And a sane and decent one at that.

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